Fr. Timothy Shea

Blog #4: Winners and Losers

April 23, 2020

With almost every situation there are winners and losers. After the first month of our “stay home” situation, I am ready to declare the winners and losers of this pandemic: the losers of our pandemic “stay home” situation are the “couch potatoes”. A lot of people are complaining that there are no sports games and too many re-runs on television.

The winners of our pandemic “stay home” situation are dogs. I have never seen so many dogs. Every day, all day long, dogs are being walked all over the place. Every time I have gone out, dogs are everywhere. Dogs are a lot happier than “couch potatoes”!!

It turns out that the word “quarantine” has its roots in the Italian phrase “quaranta glorni”, which means 40 days. In a way, it goes back to the Bible where the people on Noah’s ark endured 40 days of being cooped up on a boat and the experience of Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness fasting and praying. Those biblical experiences of quarantine are examples of solitude and deprivation for a greater good. Noah’s family came out of their quarantine to a new and better life. Jesus came out of his quarantine prepared for his ministry and mission. It is important for us to use our quarantine to anticipate a better and healthier life and to use our quarantine to prepare ourselves to have a new appreciation for how we can serve God.

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