Fr. Timothy Shea

Blog #22: My 47th Anniversary

May 5, 2021

I was ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, April 27th, 1974 at St. Mary’s Cathedral. I was ordained with John Hibbard and Richard Whalen. While at St. Augustine’s seminary in Toronto we were called “The Kingston Trio.” I referred to the three of us as “The Blessed Trinity,” however, some of our classmates replaced that title by calling us “The Three Stooges.”

It was a sunny day. The Cathedral was packed. I was not nervous at all, but I certainly had adrenaline running through me. It was a terrific celebration!!! The next day was just as great. It was the day of my first Mass at our family’s home parish of St. John’s Church. It was wonderful to be surrounded by my loved ones: my parents, brothers, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, and friends from childhood, high school, hockey, seminary…St. John’s Catholic Women’s League hosted the reception. Everything was so nice!!

One of the highlights from then was advice I received from my grandfather, Fred Shea. He told me that when I preached, I should say that Jesus was baptised by John in Jordan, but never say that Jesus was baptised by Jordan in the John.

As you know, a lot of things have changed since 1974. Then Archbishop Wilhelm had so many priests – he had a difficult time finding three parishes that needed another priest. I spent five weeks at St. Francis Church in Brockville with Fathers Tom Raby and Bernard O’Neill. Then I was assigned to St. Mary’s Cathedral with Terry Boyle as the rector and four other priests in residence. Now Archbishop Mulhall has a shortage of priests. We have become “an endangered species.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed these 47 years of priesthood. I have been in eight parishes, and every parish was a wonderful experience with many fond memories and really good people. It is the same now at Amherstview and Bath. God has blessed me with a charmed life. Alleluia. Alleluia.

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