Fr. Timothy Shea

Blog #1: Palm Sunday

April 2, 2020

Like you, this social distancing strategy has me doing things I do not usually do...I am not a computer guy but I am going to give this blog thing a try - hopefully 3 or 4 blogs a month.... This is the strangest Palm Sunday ever. The palms arrived by courier last week. We are going to try to keep them sort of fresh until we can have weekend Masses. That first weekend of parish Masses is going to be an all-inclusive celebration: Palms, Easter and probably Pentecost. We will break a few rules!!

I have been impressed how most people have adapted to this emergency lifestyle. Although there are some complainers, most people are quite positive, strong, sensitive and caring. That is inspiring!!

Even though we will not be having our traditional Holy Week liturgies, this is still an important week for us spiritually. As I have private celebrations here, I hope you and your household are able to make this your very own Holy Week. Palm Sunday celebrates that Jesus is the King of Heaven and Earth and we are part of His Kingdom. Holy Thursday celebrates that Jesus gave us the Eucharist. Good Friday emphasizes God’s love for us. Easter celebrates that we follow Jesus through life and death to eternal life in Heaven...make this week your Holy Week!!

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