Fr. Timothy Shea

Blog #16: Christmas Masses

December 16, 2020

One of the great things about being a Catholic is that we get criticized often – probably more than other religions. Many of the criticisms from various media personalities, celebrities, politicians, etc.… are because the Catholic church stands for important things that are not popular. The Catholic church gets criticized for being pro-life from conception to natural death; for condemning capital punishment in the U.S.A.; for promoting environmental issues; for insisting on social justice for the poor, the disadvantaged, the refugees, the hungry, the homeless, etc. Criticism for those kinds of issues emphasize that Catholics are witnesses for Jesus Christ; for Christian values and priorities.

Catholics do not compromise to make others happy or to let governments off the hook. Catholics get criticized because they stand for the teachings of Jesus. Sometimes we are surprised by criticism. For example, recently the parishioners of St. Linus Church in Bath were criticized because too many people were coming to Mass even though we are diligent in following all the pandemic protocols. That is very good witnessing when a parish is being criticized because too many people are coming to Mass!

We will continue to follow the protocols of this COVID-19 pandemic, and we will continue to be witnesses for the Lord. Christmas celebrates that God loves us and that God is with us. Let us continue to witness to God’s love and God’s presence in our community. Merry Christmas!!

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