Fr. Timothy Shea

Blog #14: Pandemic Continues

October 1, 2020

On the weekend I was talking to one of the main people in Kingston for our Public Health strategies to handle stubborn Covid-19. He remarked that if our schools and universities remain fairly stable and we are able to get through Thanksgiving without much spread, we will be fortunate. The experts are hoping that somehow Kingston will not be affected by the spread in Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and The States.

We need to do our part by following the rules for schools, by behaving ourselves at Thanksgiving with no big gatherings, and by being prudent with our travel.

I am very pleased at how our parishioners have responded. You guys have been great…attendance at Mass is good…. also, I understand completely why some of you have not come back to Mass. Prudence is a virtue…Thank you very much to the parishioners who have volunteered to sanitize the church after Mass…and thanks to everyone for your generosity with your donations to the parish.

Speaking of donations, we are fortunate to be able to volunteer at Community Spirit Bingo. As a result, we receive funds from Ontario Gaming. These donations must be used for practical projects. So, at Blessed Sacrament Church we have upgraded the sound system, fixed leaks and duct work, put stainless steel countertops in the hall kitchen, etc. At St. Linus we have been able to improve our landscaping, repair door frames, tower and roof.

All in all, the pandemic continues, but also, we have been able to continue parish life and worship. Let us pray that all parishioners continue to be Blessed with good health.

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