Fr. Timothy Shea

Blog #10: Green Light

June 9, 2020

The province has finally given us the green light to open the church…. please continue to read the Archbishop’s Letter which follows…

There will be more information from Archbishop Mulhall, but we will have weekend Masses in Amherstview this Saturday and Sunday. Mass at St. Linus Church in Bath will begin on Sunday, June 21st…for your information: 1) we are allowed 30% attendance of our Church’s capacity (that is no problem for Blessed Sacrament because it has a capacity for more than 500 and our usual attendance Saturday is 110 and Sunday 125); 2) If physical distancing is a challenge face masks must be worn; 3) Hand sanitizers must be available…

Here is the Archbishop’s letter:

Mailing Address:

3 Briscoe Street
Amherstview, ON
K7N 1X2