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Homilies from Fr. Americo Santos

Homily: Trinity Sunday

May 25, 2024

Today’s Solemnity invites us to live in the awareness of the presence of the Triune God within us: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is one of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity and the greatest mystery of our Faith. Three divine persons, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit share the exact divine nature in one God. We have the Father, who is the Creator; the Son, who is the Redeemer; and the Holy Spirit, who is the Sanctifier. The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is understandable not in our heads but in our hearts as unity, relationships, and love in one God.

We believe in this Mystery because Jesus, who is God, taught it, the Evangelists recorded it, the Fathers of the Church tried to explain it, and the Councils of Nicaea and Constantinople (4th century) defined it as a dogma of Faith. Throughout history, Christians have discovered that it is impossible to speak of God without speaking of the three ways He has revealed Himself to humankind.

There are no explicit references to the Most Holy Trinity in the Old Testament. However, in the 0.T, we find that the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit have been together in one God since the beginning of creation. Also, we can see that God One and Triune reach out to people with love to have communion with Him and invite those people to worship only Him. However, we can find more explicit teachings on the Most Holy Trinity in the New Testament. Here are some references:

    1) At the Annunciation, God the Father sends His angel to Mary, God the Holy Spirit comes upon her, the Power of the Most High overshadows her, and God the Son becomes Incarnate in Mary’s womb.

    2) When the Son receives Baptism from John the Baptist at the Jordan River, the Father’s voice is heard, and the Holy Spirit appears as a dove descending upon Jesus.

    3) After His resurrection, as we see in today’s Gospel, Jesus gives the missionary command to His disciples to baptize those who begin to believe in Him, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

This Sunday’s Solemnity invites us to live in the awareness of the presence of the Holy Trinity within us. I indeed found the presence of the Holy Trinity in all of you. Serving you throughout this last year as the Administrator of Blessed Sacrament Parish and Saint Linus Mission has been an honor and a privilege.

I am very grateful for the relationships I have formed in both communities and the many ways you have helped me grow in my relationship with God as a Catholic priest. I must say, I will have good memories and stories of all of you. I want to say that friendship in God lasts forever, so let’s stay connected: my email is in the bulletin and on the website of Blessed Sacrament Parish. If someday you are ever in the Boston area, come and say hi to me in my new parish. I will happily greet you in my new assignment, which will be at Saint Peter Parish in Cambridge, MA.

Many thanks to Donna as the administrative assistant, the Parish Councils of both communities, all the volunteers in both communities, the financial Council of Blessed Sacrament Parish, The Catholic Women’s League, and The Knights of Columbus of Blessed Sacrament Parish. Last but not least, I want to sincerely thank all of you for your faith and dedication to God and for allowing me to serve you as a priest in your parish. Until we meet again, keep me in your prayers, as I will keep you in mine. God bless you.